Delta Body Trimmer Gymnastics Exercise Sit Up Fitness Rowing Machine

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There are 2 tires on the body trimmer product. Product dimensions: 45 cm. Body trimmer, also called fitness rower, is a functional product designed to make sit-ups easier. It is suitable for shaping the waist, legs, abdomen and arms. The pedal and handle are made of soft, non-slip and sweat-absorbing environmental foam. It has 2 pieces of pulling rope, produced to be durable and resistant to high tension. It is suitable for use for all ages. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to store as well as use. Thanks to its lightness and portability, it is suitable for use anytime and anywhere. How to use body trimmer? Body trimmer is basically a sports equipment designed to get rid of regional excess. It exercises the arm, abdomen and hip area and helps melt away regional excesses. It is produced to suit the application of different aerobic movements. Thanks to its durable elastic rubber, it is suitable for high tension movements.

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