Water Growing Polymer Vase and Aquarium Stones

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Polymer Vase and Aquarium Stones Growing in Water Your fish living in the aquarium have aquarium stones. These stones help the aquarium look more pleasant and stylish. Likewise, stones are placed in vases to create more elegant images. Many options have been produced for this purpose. The most striking among these options is the Growing Aquarium and Vase Stones product. This product surpasses other stones in many qualities. It is a product that does not harm flowers or fish with its soft structure. When you open the package, the Growing Aquarium and Vase Stones product is the size of a lentil. However, when the product comes into contact with water, it will gradually grow. The lentil-sized stones will absorb water and swell and reach the size of hazelnuts. In this way, these stones of the same size and shape will create extremely stylish looks. They have a different structure than normal stones. They have a softer and more slippery structure. Thus, they are products that will not harm flowers when placed in vases or fish when placed in aquariums. This product, which has colorful options, is an essential product for the elegance of your vases and aquariums. Growing Aquarium and Vase Stones can also be used for decorative purposes. Thus, it will be possible for you to achieve stylish looks in your decorative containers. Add elegance to your home and accessories with Growing Aquarium and Vase Stones! Package Content: 1 Pack of Aquatic Growing Aquarium and Vase Stones. Important Note: Different colors can be sent depending on stock availability.

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