Control Outdoor Wireless Alarm and Security System with Wi-Fi Smart App

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Outdoor alarm and security systems are designed to suit homes, workplaces and all areas.
The outdoor wireless alarm system will provide you with a comfortable security experience with its ease of installation and use.
Thanks to Wi-Fi connection, you can manage the system from your phone or tablet. Additionally, thanks to the system's motion sensors, you can take precautions against possible theft attempts.
3 different types of protection
Long life lithium battery
Self-check-out every 4 hours
Even if there is a power cut, it continues to keep you safe for up to 6 hours.
Protected against sabotage
Multiple region type support
4 levels of loudness
Alarm log recording
NeutronLife APP scenario compatible system
Notification via application before battery life runs out
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth supported alarm system
Control via Free NeutronLife APP
99 wireless areas
time planning
wireless communication
You can effectively ensure the security of your living spaces by purchasing the NEUTRON Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor wireless alarm system and completing the installation process.
The smart alarm system, controlled by remote control or NeutronLife APP without cable clutter, is very practical. It is compatible with both Android and iOS technologies. It allows the user to adjust the siren duration. You can control remotely.
Product features;
Smart Alarm Panel
Siren unit with LED light
Provides optional light and sound warning.
Magnetic Contact
It is used on doors/windows at main access points in and around the workplace.
It is suitable for use in schools, offices, stores, warehouses and standard living areas.
Lightweight and small compact design
Easy assembly 3M adhesive
Remote control
Convenient remote control that attaches to any keychain.
It is used to activate and deactivate the alarm.
Includes emergency panic button.
The contacts you specify with the mode button become active or passive.
Pir Detector
It is ideal for use in the corners of any room.
While the alarm is active, the PIR sensor detects movement and activates the siren.
Schools, stores, warehouses, etc. that need security. Suitable for use in areas.
Garage etc. used in environments.
It is suitable to be installed at door entrances.
Panic Button (SOS)
When the button is pressed, it activates the alarm and causes it to sound.
It is suitable for emergency use.
It is a very safe part for our sick or disabled individuals.
Box contents
1x Smart Alarm Panel
1x Magnetic Contact
1x Remote Control
1x PIR Detector
1x Panic Button (Sos)
User Manual & Warranty Certificate
3M adhesive
Mounting Accessories

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